Specialist manufacturer of the Cosmo Dr. electrotherapeutic devices, which alleviate headaches, shoulder stiffness, insomnia, and chronic constipation

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Sink into a world of comfort and experience natural relaxation

Medical equipment
certification number

Equipped with an air charger at a 30% oxygen concentration.
A high-performance relaxation chair that provides a natural feel and the enjoyment of music.

Has a stylish and sophisticated design coupled with excellent usability to allow anyone to use it. Sit back and relax like you never did before.

Enriched oxygen also helps refresh the mind!

Enriched oxygen air charger

Enriched oxygen released from the neckset clears the head.


Enjoy your favorite music in high-quality sound.

High-quality speakers

Enjoy your favorite music by connecting the EVA to the IO 9000.


No complex controls needed!

Easy-to-use remote control

Features large and easy-to-read buttons.


Stay warm and comfortable even in the winter

Built-in heater

Stay comfortable even in winter with a pleasant warmth that softly radiates forward from the back.

Relax with pleasant vibrations!

Enjoy vibrations set to a rhythm

There are two vibration units built into the EVA for the back, lumbar, and seat. Set the desired intensity, then kick back, relax, and enjoy vibrations set to a rhythm.


(four filters, one 1.5 m tube)
-External audio input cable (for the IO 9000 only)
-Power cord


-Rated voltageAC220~240V
-Power usage57W
-TimerOxygen: 15 minutes, Vibration: 15 minutes, Heater: two hours
-External dimensionsHeight: 1080, Width: 670, Depth: 895 (mm)
-Total weight Main unit: about 40 kg, Plate: about 6 kg

High esteem built up by our track record and customer confidence

The HAPI mark is applied to home health devices and other products that conform to industry standards.
Use the mark as a guide to ensuring a product is both safe and reliable. Every product with a HAPI mark also includes product liability insurance.

The Japanese Home-health Apparatus Industrial Association is a public service corporation certified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The Association was established with the goal of contributing to healthy lifestyles by getting more people to use, and improving the quality of, electrotherapy devices used at home.
※From the Japanese Home-health Apparatus Industrial Association’s pamphlet.

Excellent aftercare

-- Cosmo Dr.'s Customer Service Center --
The Cosmo Group’s customer service center provides professional advisors who will courteously and thoroughly answer any questions you may have to ensure peace of mind when using Cosmo Dr. products. Please contact us any time during our business hours.

We can answer any questions or concerns you may have, including
-if you cannot remember how to use a device
-if you want to know how long to use a device a day
-if you would like information about how best to use a device
-if you would like to know about where to try out a device

Customer Service Counter +65-6271-3317
Hours: 10am – 5pm Monday through Friday (excluding holidays)

Warranty Period

High-voltage devices: Main unit: three years, Accessories: 2 years
EVA: Main unit / accessories: 1 year
(Please read warranty and instruction manual before storing in a safe place.)
※We also offer payment plans.

Safety Precautions ・Please be sure to read the instruction manual before using.
・Do not use in conjunction with medical electronic equipment such as the below.
-Pacemakers and other devices put inside the body
-Heart-lung machines and other electronic life-support devices
-Electrocardiograms and other such devices worn on the body
・Do not use in conjunction with any other medical devices
・Do not attempt to repair or modify this product.

※For product improvement purposes, specifications for this product are subject to change without notice.
We thank you for your understanding.

【Customer Service Counter】Please feel free to contact us to talk about any concerns you may have, from health concerns to questions about our products.+65-6271-3317 Hours: 10am – 5pm (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) Contact us by e-mail Malaysian Singaporean or other regions