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Creating delicious water. That is the job of "Mana Water".

Use the water filter Mana Water to obtain water that is more delicious and more natural.

The filter uses natural ore.
"Delicious water" including quality minerals.
The pure water from Mana Water is smooth and delicious water which is as close to natural water as possible. Please use it not only as drinking water, for tea, and to mix drinks, but also for cooking rice and other dishes. It is sure to make them more delicious.
Removes murkiness and impurities
Most filters which attach to the faucet only remove residual chlorine and chalk odor, but cannot remove organic compounds, etc. which have dissolved into the water. Mana Water is a "genuine active water purifier" which removes impurities in water by installing special filters and activated carbon.
"Healthy water" which contains the healing power of mother nature.

The ultimate feature of Mana Water is the fact that it harnesses the healing power of mother nature via natural stones, etc. It can be called truly "healthy water" thanks to the action of minerals and negative ions.

It is also economic with the capacity to process 20,000 liters of water.

Even filtering about 30 liters of water per day, you can use it for 2 years. However, this will vary depending on water quality and flow volume.
Please take caution as passing rust-colored water (dirty water and pipe rust due to plumbing work) will greatly reduce the life of the cartridges.

A structural design that can also pass hot water through it.

The structure is designed to withstand hot water up to 60℃.
(Please avoid using at temperatures of 60℃ and above for long periods.)


The safety of [MANA WATER] is a result of a variety of water quality tests.

※ The data above differs in measurements depending on water quality.


-Product nameMana Water(BHS-Ml)
-Type of materialsStainless steel SUS304 (main unit cover), polyacetal (main unit base)
 ABS resin (switch cock on chloride vinyl resin (hose),
 polypropylene (cartridge container)
-Types of filter materialGranulated activated carbon, ceramics, non-woven fabric
-Filter flow capacity5L/minute
-Normal daily use pressure0.05-0.3MPa
-Maximum use temperature60℃
-Water purification performanceFree residual chlorine filter capacity 20,000L Removal rate 80% According to JIS S 3201
-Switch cockSwitches between 3 settings (pure water, raw water straight, and raw water shower)
-Main unit dimensionsApproximately 120mm diameter x approximately 370mm height
-Cartridge dimensionsApproximately 90mm diameter x approximately 280mm height
Caution when using Please be sure to read the "Instruction Manual" before use in order to ensure safe usage.

1.When rust-colored water is coming out, please never pass it through the filter.
2.Please use water which meets tap water drinking standards.
3.After long periods of disuse, please run water through it for 1-2 minutes before use.
4.Please do not pass hot water of 60℃ or more through the "pure water" side.

※Please read the Instruction Manual for more details.
●lease read the Instruction Manual for more details. h it for 1-2 m
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