Specialist manufacturer of the Cosmo Dr. electrotherapeutic devices, which alleviate headaches, shoulder stiffness, insomnia, and chronic constipation

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Guide to our free tria

  • Come for a free trial as many times as you wish It will always be free!
  • Trial treatments can be taken once a day Only takes 20 minutes!
  • Looking for help? Headaches, shoulder stiffness, insomnia, chronic constipation

Visitors to Cosmo Doctor’s free trial can try out Cosmo Doctor high-voltage electrotherapeutic devices as many times as desired during the program. We have opened stores in various regions around the country to get as many people as possible to try out Cosmo Doctor therapy and experience its effectiveness while spreading the Cosmo Doctor name throughout Japan.

What our customers have to say

  • Man in his 50sAs a taxi driver, I have suffered from lower back pain for many years. However, the pain has gone away since I started using the SE-14000.
  • Woman in her 60sI have taken Chinese medicine for many years for my painful constipation. After using Cosmo Doctor, I started having regular bowel movements every day and felt better without having to take medicine.
  • Woman in her 70sRecently I cannot get any deep sleep, partially waking up and not being able to fall back to sleep. Since I started using Cosmo Doctor, I have become able to sleep soundly until every morning.
  • Man in his 60sThe speakers who run the trial program always capture my interest. The information they share about health is always useful.
  • Woman in her 50s I started coming because a neighbor invited me. Now that we have something in common, it has been easy to make friends with everyone in the neighborhood.
  • Woman in her 50sI went all the time during the free trial program. I plan to go again if they hold it somewhere near me.
【Customer Service Counter】Please feel free to contact us to talk about any concerns you may have, from health concerns to questions about our products.+65-6271-3317 Hours: 10am – 5pm (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) Contact us by e-mail Malaysian Singaporean or other regions