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"LANI--An elegant and heavenly comfort for you"

An advanced electric field chair with added features including home static electricity therapy electrodes, high concentration oxygen to refresh your body, a heater to protect your from the cooling of air conditioning, and music playback... That is LANI. We have ensured comfort using a stylish form to fit in with your home's interior design to realize superior operability. This chair will provide the ultimate comfort to your everyday life.

High concentration oxygen provision system
It relaxes and refreshes you by providing oxygen with a high concentration of 50% or more.
Please use the specialized neck set.
High quality sound speaker
You can use a commercially available audio cable to connect your home audio equipment such as a tablet or smart phone to enjoy music.
Equipped with heater function
A heater is installed in the back rest and seat, keeping you warm not only in cold seasons but also protecting your body from the cold of the air conditioner.
Can connect to a SE-14000 model home static electricity therapy equipment

You can connect an SE-14000 to perform static electricity therapy.

Click here for information on SE-14000
Equipped with acoustic vibration system
The back rest and seat are equipped with vibrators which convert the bass frequencies of music into a vibrating sensation.
We provide a system that allows you to feel vibrations through your body in sync with the music you are listening to.
It is also installed with 2 trial courses, so you can experience LANI's vibration system even without music.
Electric Reclining Function
The back rest and foot rest recline electrically.
They can each be operated separately, so you can adjust the angles to your liking for a posture that lets you relax even more.
Wireless Remote Control
There are receivers placed on the left and right sides of the top of the back rests to receive remote control operations.
You can operate it while checking the screen.


Connection cable (1)
Remote control
Power cord
Batteries for remote control (2)


-Rated voltageAC100-240V-
-Power consumption110W
-TimerHeater/vibration 60 minutes
 Oxygen 15 minutes
-DimensionsMain unit 1130X820X780mm
 Remote control 204X73X28mm

Warranty Periods: Main body: 3 years, Accessories: 2 years

Safety precautions Be sure to read the manual well before use.
Do not use in conjunction with the following medical electronic equipment.
- Medical electronic equipment implanted within the body such as pacemakers, etc.
- Medical electronic equipment for life support such as artificial heart and lung machines, etc.
- Medical electronic equipment that is attached the body such as electrocardiograms, etc.
Do not use simultaneously with other therapeutic devices.
Do not repair or modify.

*For product improvement purposes, product specifications are subject to change without notification.
We thank you for your understanding.

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