Specialist manufacturer of the Cosmo Dr. electrotherapeutic devices, which alleviate headaches, shoulder stiffness, insomnia, and chronic constipation

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An electric potential treatment device made for you... a special person

The most advanced electric potential treatment device in the series' history.
Special and completely original features just for you.
It is called "SAKURA" that comes with a personal mode.

5 Premium Features

Personal Mode

Personal mode is a mode which enables personalized treatment specifically for you. Up to 5 family members can be registered to enable treatment to fit each individual.

α Mode

Alpha mode outputs waves in the same frequency (7~13Hz) of alpha waves in the brain to relax you

Beauty Roller

A full-fledged beauty roller with an aura of the highest quality.
Because it's something that will be in contact with your skin, we use only carefully selected materials.
You can select from 4 courses.

Electromagnetic pen

An electronic pen with 3 types of tips that you can select to fit the area you want to treat
Featuring 3 types of output voltage that you can use to fit your physical condition.

Thermal treatment

It can give you a pleasant bodily sensation with its warming effect
Personal Mode (your own personalized treatment mode)
1.Information can be registered for up to 5 individuals to provide different therapy specialized for each of them.
2.As the number of treatments is counted, the level of treatment changes depending on the number of treatments.
Manual Mode (you can set 4 treatment modes yourself)
1.Recommended mode
Select from 4 automated courses.
2.Preferred mode
Select voltage, wave frequency, and ratio.
3.Negative potential
Treatment using DC voltage.
4.Long-time Mode
Select from 3 automated courses.
Thermal mode
The temperature can be set up to 5 different levels.
You can alternate between electric potential treatment and hyperthermic treatment.
Low frequency wave roller (beauty roller)
1.Select from 4 courses.
2.The strength and tempo can be adjusted during treatment.
3.In the beauty roller form, there is a full-body massage effect and facial lifting effect.
Electric pen
1.Please select from 3 voltages.
2.There are 3 types of tips so you can select to one that fits the part you will use it on.
3.The grip can be extended and contracted.
Other features

1.Audio guidance and screen can be set to 6 different languages.
(Japanese, English, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, Korean, and Malay)
2.It is installed with a variety of genres of music, so you can change songs to match your mood.
3.The image is designed to change depending on the time.
Example: In the morning a rising sun or fresh green leaves will be displayed.
4.The screen brightness changes automatically
The screen will adjust to 4 levels of brightness depending on the brightness of the room.

Usage example

Contents included


-Common namesA home treatment device combining low-frequency waves, electric potential, and heat
-Efficacy and effectsAs a low-frequency wave treatment device it relieves shoulder stiffness, prevents atrophy of paralyzed muscles, and has a massaging effect, while as a electric potential treatment device it relieves headaches, shoulder stiffness, insomnia, and chronic constipation, and as a hyperthermic treatment device it has a hyperthermic effect using electric heat
-Rated voltage220V-240V/50Hz
-TimerHigh voltage potential: 60 minutes; Low voltage potential: 8 hours
 Electric pen: 15 minutes
 Low frequency roller: 30 minutes; Hyperthermic treatment: 8 hours
-Unit dimensions590mm × 285mm × 290mm
-Power consumptionEelectric potential treatment: 25w; Hyperthermic treatment: 56w
 Low frequency waves treatment: 16w
-Output voltageAlternating potential (high voltage): 2000V~14000V (wave height)
 Alternating potential (low voltage): 1000V~1400V (wave height)
 Negative potential: 1000V~7000V
 Electric pen: 1400V、1800V、2100V (wave height)
 Low frequency roller: 0.1Hz ~ 1,000Hz
-Type of waves24 types
-Type of ratio-50:6 types from +50 to -100:0
Safety Precautions Please be sure to read the Instruction Manual before use.
Please avoid using with the following types of medical electronic equipment.
- Pacemakers and other medical electronic equipment embedded in the body
- Heart-lung machines and other life support medical electronic equipment
- Mountable medical electronic equipment such as ECGs
Please do not use simultaneously with other medical equipment.
Please do not repair or modify it.
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